ROCKFALL Update 7.1

Improvements and developments compared to version 6.0

Dr. Spang GmbH

Advanced evaluation of results:

  • The display of the envelope curves of energy and jump height now shows apart from the maximum value three additional curves which indicate the Fractal. It can be configured by the user (defaults: 98%, 95%, 50%).
  • Additionally Fractals (for instance 98%, 95%, 50%) are shown in the statistical evaluations, on screen as well as in printouts (see Figure 1).
  • By mouse click the user can access information about individual slice data such as the length, gradient and surface data, about starting position and initial parameters or about protection structures. They are displayed on screen in small popup windows (see Figure 2). ROCKFALL trajectories are displayed under consideration of block diameter, which can be seen in case of a sufficient resolution of the diagram.
  • Results can be saved to disc optionally as trajectories for each single block or as picture (BITMAP). This offers the following possibilities:
  • In the first option the trajectory data of each block of the simulation is saved to disc and can be displayed in list after completion of the calculation. Single selected trajectories can be selected and displayed graphically with the slope profile. Furthermore there is an option to export some or all of the trajectory data.
  • The storage as a Bitmap on the other hand has the advantage of significantly reducing the amount of data saved on disc in calculations with a large number of blocks. The storage of statistical data and the analysis of the envelopes remain unaffected.
  • Data lists of the values which are used for statistical evaluation, i.e. velocity, weight, jump height, coordinates and angular velocity at protection structures and control sections can be exported as ASCII files for further evaluation.
  • Labels and simple drawings can be integrated in the display of the profile, on screen as well as in printouts (see Figure 3).


  • From version 7.1 on licensing is handled by the CodeMeter® Stick from WIBU Systems GmbH. That is much more professional and convenient for the customer.
  • The license model is converted from a single - PC license to floating – user. Thus the software may be installed on several PC's in the company. The software can simultaneous be used on a certain number of PC‘s according to the number of existing licenses. Therefore the application of the software is much more variable from the point of view of the user.
Dr. Spang GmbH

Better adaptation of the graphic reports to the needs of the user:

  • The printouts are user-configurable and can be assembled easily and individually. The desired print jobs are to be ticked to print them out one after the other in the displayed sequence. (see Figure 5). These include the adaptation of the diagram axes for profile, statistics and envelope curves. The settings can be stored for later batch-printing use.
  • All settings can be watched and controlled before the actual print process by a print preview. This saves time as well as costs for printer and materials.

Changed and improved structure of the user interface:

  • The menu structure was simplified. The previous bifurcation of the user interface in two levels was dispensed. This provides faster access to the save function and the data entries.
  • The profile (Fig. 6) is automatically displayed when loading a project file. This saves valuable work time for the user and he can directly recognize which profile was loaded.
  • Furthermore all essential and frequently used features can be accessed directly by an icon bar (Figure 7).
  • A continuously adjustable, mouse controlled zoom - function is available. The display can be enlarged to show a small part of a document in more detail, or the display can be made smaller to look at a larger page area.
  • In addition the help system is fully revised and enhanced. Now each program feature as well as numerical and scientific background are explained in detailed and comprehensive help texts.

Of course, input files from ROCKFALL 6.1 can be read and processed by ROCKFALL 7.1.

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