An overview of the main areas of our work

Dr. Spang GmbH

Construction engineering

  • Planning of buildings and supporting frameworks, all phases of work including supervising construction and construction site management
  • Engineering works, especially reinforced concrete constructions for overground and underground civil engineering and bridge construction
  • Specialist underground civil engineering, particularly surface foundations and deep foundations, underpinning, back-fillings and compaction, anchoring, excavation walls, securing of side slopes, inclines and rock
  • Underground construction, including tunnel construction and gallery construction
  • Hydraulic engineering, including dam construction
  • Recording damage, assessing damage and planning repairs to engineering constructions such as tunnels, bridges, supporting walls, earth walls, side slopes
  • Developing special proposals

Nature conservation

  • Analysis and evaluation of environmentally-relevant interventions
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • EIA projects
  • FFH screening and assessments
  • Environmental reports pursuant to German building regulations
  • Ecological site management
  • Landscape management support plan
  • Special species protection assessments


  • Investigating the subsoil, geotechnics measurements
  • Investigating current safety levels for side slopes and inclines, possibly involving an inspection ascent
  • Foundations report for overground and underground civil engineering works, general engineering works, bridge construction, tunnel construction, earthworks and building in rock, hydraulic engineering
  • Track reports for transport route construction and pipeline construction
  • Investigations and redevelopment planning for former mining sites


  • Design, monitoring and evaluation of hydrogeological field tests
  • Hydraulic and hydrogeological charting, e.g. of areas with drinking water protection
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Groundwater modelling (3D, 2D) using finite element models
  • Investigations of pollutants, transport models e.g. for groundwater damage
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Dimensioning of water raising facilities for foundation ditches/power line ditches
  • Formal recording of hydrogeological evidence

Environmental protection and abandoned polluted areas

  • Historical research and initial evaluation of old sites
  • Risk assessment in relation to areas suspected of being previously polluted, and sites known to be polluted
  • Drawing up redevelopment plans in accordance with the Federal law and ordinance on protection of the soil (Bundesbodenschutzgesetz / Bodenschutzverordnung)
  • Monitoring redevelopment works
  • Examining the effects of facilities on nature and the countryside
  • Third-party monitoring and own monitoring of redevelopment of landfill sites
  • Soil improvement and disposal concepts (BoVek) and evaluation of used ballast pursuant to Deutsche Bahn Code of Practice RIL 880

Environmental compatibility testing

  • Analysis and assessment of interventions with relevance to the environment
  • Environmental capacity testing projects
  • Environmental report pursuant to the German legislation governing construction (BauGB)
  • Ecological monitoring of construction
  • Supportive planning to address landscaping issues


  • Soil engineering field tests and laboratory tests
  • Rock mechanics field tests and laboratory tests
  • Environmental engineering field tests and sampling

Project management

  • Monitoring of costs and deadlines on underground and overground civil engineering projects and engineering projects during the planning and construction implementation phase
  • Project direction
  • Quality controlling
  • Contract and contract appendix management for developers and contractors

Expert reports (for court and private use and for use in arbitration proceedings)

  • On earthworks and construction of foundations
  • On former mining sites
  • On interrupted construction procedures, and claims for remuneration and for extensions to construction times
  • On construction damage
  • To provide a formal record of evidence in relation to overground and underground civil engineering and general engineering works

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